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Slow Food Youth FERMENT!

Slow Food Youth FERMENT!

In celebration of Udayana University’s 53rd anniversary, Slow Food Bali offered a special training program for members of the ever growing and spirited Slow Food Youth Network Bali (SFYNB). From this training, the SFYNB created an impressive demonstration & tasting event on campus, on Sept 25 – 26.

Youth Ferments 1


The training workshop was offered in conjunction with Udayana University’s “Community Development Program” — which provides outreach and development programs throughout Bali. The workshop was to give support to one of the University’s new village development projects to make use of the lesser marketable vegetables that local farmers can not sell easily in the markets.

Various uses of the excess vegetables were discussed, including giving them to underprivileged homes.  But Slow Food Bali proposed a “value-added” concept, whereby the vegetables would be transformed into various forms of fermented vegetables, like sauerkraut and kimchee.


The Real Sauerkraut Team


The Real Kimchi Team

A special training workshop was held on Sept 15, 2015, lead by SFB Convivium Leader Mary Jane Edleson. The key objective of the workshop was to prepare the SF Youth, most who are in their final year of under-graduate study, to be able to share their new skills with other students, giving emphasis to the entrepreneurial opportunities of using lesser marketable vegetables & produce into exciting added-value products.

The workshop sought to demystify the “art” of fermentation, with a view of its important role in evolution and culture. Members of the SF Youth Network learned about fermented vegetables related to food preservation and nutrition, including a range of practical skills to make home-scale ferments, as healthy side condiments, or tantalizing ingredients for other basic recipes.

The SF Youth Network presented their skills and products on the Udayana University campus on September 25 & 26, as a part of the university’s culminating anniversary celebrations. Demonstrations and tastings were skillfully offered that found a wide and appreciative audience.


Youth offering demos & tasting of Fermented Vegetables at the Udayana University campus, as a part of the university’s 53rd Anniversary celebrations.

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