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Cupping Indonesia – Celebrating Extraordinary Coffee

Cupping Indonesia – Celebrating Extraordinary Coffee

Indonesia’s fabulous single-source Arabica coffees are taking the world by storm. The prestigious international coffee guide Coffee Review described Indonesian Arabicas as ‘the single malt whiskies of the coffee world’. Gathered from small farms in the highlands of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Flores and Papua, each coffee reflects its unique terroir.

On December 8, 2012, Slow Food Bali observed Terre Madre Day by celebrating Indonesia’s coffees at Anomali Coffee, a coffee house that specializes in Indonesian Arabicas. The event, ‘Cupping Indonesia’ was attended by 32 enthusiastic coffee lovers interested in the subtleties and complexities of coffee from around the archipelago. The cupping taught them how to judge the aroma, flavour, acidity, body and balance of freshly roasted and ground premier Arabicas from Sumatra, Bali and Toraja.

“The more educated consumers are about coffee, the more they will demand the best,” explained SFB’s convivium leader Mary Jane Edleson. “And a demand for top quality coffee nationally and internationally helps ensure sustainable livelihoods for Indonesia’s coffee producers.”


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