Since its launch in 2009, Slow Food Bali has put aside funds for education programs. We have a number of small grants which will be made available to members to encourage the Slow Food philosophy in their communities.

This is a chance to contribute to the Slow Food movement, raise awareness of sustainable food production in Bali and educate our membership.

Some examples of micro-projects might be:

  • Document a unique Bali food or culinary tradition
  • Create a directory of foods such as local fruits or heritage rice
  • Set up a community garden
  • Plan educational events such as field trips
  • Small research projects
  • Other creative ways of strengthening the Slow Food philosophy
  • Members can either manage the project themselves or work with a local community member.

Email with your ideas.

  • Wing Bean Miracle

    The versatile but neglected wing bean is a highly nutritious, easy-to-grow legume with edible flowers, pods, seeds, leaves and tubers. It has a similar nutritional profile to soybeans but contains more calcium and is easier to cultivate. Wing beans can substitute a variety of other vegetables in salads or stir-frys. Here are two of my favorite preparations.

    More to come!!!

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