Members Assembly

Sept 28, 2012 / Green School, Bali

Members Assembly

A meeting of members and community to discuss Slow Food Bali programs

28 September 2012

Green School, Bali



TO ORGANIZE our members into action groups around SFB programs according to their particular interests and talents.

TO INFORM members (and potential future members) about SFB programs

TO MOTIVATE members to get more involved in programs

Attendees brainstormed individually, generating ideas for what they would like SFB programs to include and/or what they would like to contribute. These ideas were then divided into two general categories for discussion – Community and Education.


The community group mainly focused on issues relating to outreach and closing the gap between producers and consumers. Areas of discussion:

1) create value in agricultural projects- community supported agricultural programs

2) the need to address farmer growing and consumer sourcing issues

3) the creation of farmers cooperatives to deal with quantity , cold storage, other shared resources, pesticide free produce

Education Ideas

  • Featured articles on Foods in newsletter and magazines
  • Taste Education—education programs in schools – garden program
  • Regular or Monthly meetings/events/dinner/lunch/tea with a clear goal and steady date to introduce SF members, new ones
  • Cooking courses with local ingredients
  • Training in how to make local slow food, e.g. sambal, urab, tempe, ‘from scratch’
  • Recipe collections using local ingredients – book or webpage
  • Raw food teaching & general whole food/health food
  • Teaching locals organic farming
  • Seafood – local species, local cooking, local markets, fishermen
  • Finding and eating traditional Balinese food that is grown locally and cooked traditionally with care, love and a real interest in the food
  • Growing vegetables at home with children

Our group identified some priority themes, including the following:

Local Cooking Education

This could include cooking classes, chefs series (esp. chefs presenting traditional Balinese food and/or healthy variations on traditional Balinese food), as well as articles or recipes shared online.

Slow Food Map of Bali

This priority seems to complement our nascent Snail of Approval program recognizing and publicizing restaurants that serve food we want to eat, i.e. that strives to measure up to Slow Food ideals. Questions were raised about where and when to find good farmers’ markets as well as good restaurants. Discussion around Snail of Approval program questioned whether restaurants will be honest and how we can reliably assess their efforts. Some members volunteered to be involved in helping develop criteria for Snail of Approval.


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