Slow Food Youth Network of Bali

Slow Food Youth Network of Bali

The Slow Food Youth Network of Bali’s news can be found on their Facebook page,  or on their Twitter account.


What is the SFYN?

SFYN is the world’s future leaders, entrepreneurs, farmers and consumers. The Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) was founded to make youth familiar with Slow Food’s philosophy that says that all food should be Good, Clean and Fair. This means that food should be prepared with care and respect, grown as sustainable as possible and that the farmers and producers should get a fair wage.

SFYN raises awareness among young citizens and consumers to encourage and mobilize them in making responsible choices. It wants them to take part in the public debate about current issues, such as how to feed the world, what to do about food waste, and how to produce food as sustainable as possible.

What does SFYN / Slow Food Youth Network do?

The SFYN unites groups of active young Slow Food members from all over the globe into one international network. The local groups independently create original and engaging events aimed at raising awareness about food issues and providing means to take action. SFYN promotes cooperation between the local groups, facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and campaigns internationally. Thus combining the powers of young food activists from all over the world.

The launch of the Slow Food Bali Youth Network in conjunction with Udayana University student body and teaching staff took place  on December 12, 2014.

The event featured Prof Alit Susanta Wirya (Agricultural Department, Udayana Univeristy),  Mary  Jane Edleson (Convivium Leader Slow Food Bali) and a presentation by Prof I Made Supartha Utama (Center for Research and Development on Horticultural Crops) on The Agricultural Situation in Bali:  Local Food Productivity & Potentials, and how it Relates to Slow Food.


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  • "Let's Go Bananas"

    To be announced soon

    Join us for an informative workshop celebrating all aspects of the amazing BANANA plant.

  • Jam Sesssion

    Jam Sesssion

    To be announced soon.

    Come join fellow Slow Food friends to celebrate local heritage fruit preserving.

  • Balitalia


    To be announced soon.

    Come celebrate some of the most amazing Italians who have developed their own artisanal crafted foods right here in Bali.

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