Benih Bali Has Sprouted!

Benih Bali Has Sprouted!

BENIH BALI has Sprouted! Several of the supporting organizations, plus a number of enthusiastic local food producers, came together on Oct 16, UN World Food Day, to celebrate the official launch of BENIH BALI, a new local initiative dedicated to achieving organic, open-pollinated (OOP) seed self-sufficiency in Bali, working through collaborative programs of local seed conservation, adaptation and innovation.

Built through a close network of better skilled Balinese farmers, and supporting professional and non-profit organizations, BENIH BALI seeks to improve and maintain a healthy, safe food-seed supply in Bali, thus contributing to food security and the conservation of Bali’s rich food heritage. BENIH BALI is supported and energized by Slow Food Bali, Yayasan Mantasa, IDEP Foundation, with assistance from Yayasan BISA and Udayana University. At the launching event, a colorful vegetarian buffet dinner was served, prepared from home garden vegetables grown from organic, open-pollinated seeds. More celebrations are planned, with a widening network of food producers and other supportive organizations. An informative BENIH BALI website framework has been launched also, with full operation coming shortly. For BENIH BALI projects, events and other information, check out www.benihbali.org !

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  • Biodiversity and Local Cuisine

    Biodiversity and Local Cuisine

    Thursday, July 5, 2018 / Living Light, Sayan, Ubud, Bali

    Join us for the first in a series of SFB Thirsty Thursday events, where we will be exploring the importance of biodiversity in our local food systems.

  • "Let's Go Bananas"

    To be announced soon

    Join us for an informative workshop celebrating all aspects of the amazing BANANA plant.

  • Jam Sesssion

    Jam Sesssion

    To be announced soon.

    Come join fellow Slow Food friends to celebrate local heritage fruit preserving.

  • Balitalia


    To be announced soon.

    Come celebrate some of the most amazing Italians who have developed their own artisanal crafted foods right here in Bali.

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